Listen, your company is incredible and any professional worth their salt would be lucky to work there. You’ve worked hard to create a powerful brand and an inviting culture.

But if that job description is looking more “1980s newspaper classifieds” and less “LinkedIn Premium,” the best candidates will skip right over it! A compelling job description could be the difference between bottom of the barrel applicants and finding the cream of the crop.

Let’s look at what a good job description has in it:

Must-Have #1: Correct and Appropriate Title

Listen, don’t sleep on the power of the title! More than just what you’ll find in an email signature, the job title clues potential candidates into what they can expect out of the role.

But make sure the title is in line with the function of the role. This is not the time to be super creative with your job title and no one knows what the position is or what it does.

Must-Have #2: Outline of Responsibilities

A job description should clearly and quickly spell out the responsibilities and duties of a particular job. It’s like a road map for the role and shouldn’t leave applicants guessing. Outline what’s expected of them and help them understand the role they’ll be playing in the company.

Must-Have #3: Clear Requirements

Now, a candidate could have all the enthusiasm in the world. But to make an impact in your biz, they need to have the right skills. Listing the technical requirements clearly will help them decide if they could be a good fit for the role.

The job description is your chance to share what types of education, experience and specialized skills are critical to success in the role. Don’t wait until you’ve fallen in love with a candidate to find out they don’t have the right credentials!

Must-Have #4: Insight About the Company

When it comes to writing a good job description, it’s important to remember that you’re not just interviewing the applicants, they’re interviewing you, too! Give them a look under the hood so they can imagine what it’d be like to be on your team.

Include honest descriptions of your company culture, perks and benefits. You want to find people who align with your company’s mission and values and sharing what those are from the gate are a good way to do just that. 

A great job description is a key part of attracting the right candidates for your open positions. If it has an appropriate title, a clear outline of responsibilities and requirements and information about the company, you’re on the right track.

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Barbara Mason is a HR consultant that brings over 20 years Human Resources experience and has been in senior level roles for Fortune 500 companies. She is the owner and CEO of Career Pathways Consulting and  is an expert at helping female led companies build amazing teams, scales their businesses and increase their revenue.

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