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I love speaking to leaders, groups and organizations about career and people topics. I bring a warm, engaging and relatable approach to my audiences so they can quickly move from concept to action.

I know that HR is not on everyone’s list of favorite things, so I aim to share the material in way that is practical and useful.

I have spoken at virtual events, in person events in front of large audiences, and for technical groups and organizations.

I love facilitating leadership retreats, planning sessions and people strategy workshops.

Signature Topics

5 Pillars of Career Growth, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Career Fundamentals, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Personal Branding & Professional Development, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Barbara has stepped up to lead several Momentum classes, webinars, and conference breakout sessions. She is such a gifted and authentic trainer, so relatable, reliable, and resourceful! Her career advice is spot-on, and her delivery is both professional and engaging. We always get great feedback on Barbara’s sessions!
Testimonials, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
April Benetollo
CEO at Momentum Leaders
"We had the pleasure of having Barbara speak at our lunch and learn. She spoke about the 5 Pillars of Career Success. Her topic was relevant to everyone in the rooms. I am very focused on my career right now, but I still found multiple opportunities for growth. She is an engaging and dynamic speaker. I would also use her Career Consulting services. It was evident that you would be able to create actionable steps to a successful career plan. I would definitely recommend her speaking and coaching services.
Testimonials, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Tiffany Bishop
Regional Workforce Development Manager, Onin Group
"Barbara recently presented at my annual conference. The material was well-received and appreciated by the group. She was very flexible and accommodating; a pleasure to work with. If you are needed a speaker for your next event, know that Barbara is professional and low maintenance. If you have the chance to attend an event where she is presenting, take that chance.
Testimonials, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Chris Pike
" Barbara is awesome! I recently attended her seminar on “How to Run Effective Meetings” and it was very efficient. She was knowledgeable, concise, personable and professional. If you can attend any of her events, I’d highly recommend you do so. "
Testimonials, Barbara Mason - Career Pathways Consulting
Karmessa Padget
Music Educator

I’m happy to chat with you about your organization’s need and tailor to fit what you need. If you are interested in inviting me to speak or lead a workshop at your organization, click here!

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