Okay picture this – your business is growing and thriving, you’re knocking your revenue goals out of the park and you finally feel ready to hire on the team you need to truly scale with ease.

 So you put out your “help wanted” sign and begin the hunt for your next rockstar team member. All you have to do is review a few applications, hold a few interviews and show the new person the ropes. What could go wrong?

 Well… a lot! See, making the best hires and effectively managing staff looks simple, but one wrong move could alter the effectiveness of your team and the culture of your company forever.

 So, what exactly can go wrong without an HR expert by your side? Let’s look.

 Danger #1: Sloppy Hiring Process

The hiring process can make or break your relationship with your employees. If it doesn’t go well, they won’t be starting off on the right foot and you’ll have a hard time setting them up for success. Don’t forget, candidates are interviewing you, too! If you come across as disorganized and lost during the hiring process, they’ll likely keep looking elsewhere for a company that has it together.

 HR pros know how to attract top candidates, streamline the interview process and get everything squared away for onboarding. That lets you focus on connecting with the right people while they handle all the details.

 Danger #2: High Turnover Rates

What happens when employees are dissatisfied with their roles, feel underappreciated or have unresolved issues in the workplace? They leave for other opportunities. An HR pro can help resolve these issues before your team has a serious drop in morale.

Even if your employee decides to move on, your HR team can conduct an exit interview. This interview will give you important insights into the factors that influenced their decision. And with that info, you can work to create a better workplace with happier employees in the future.

 Danger #3: Difficulty with Employee Relations

Communicating with your employees and taking their concerns into consideration is a major key to having a productive, happy workforce. But employees aren’t always comfortable confronting their bosses one-on-one with difficult topics. They need to feel safe from repercussions before they share what’s on their minds.

 An HR professional provides that judgment-free resource they need to let someone know what’s going on. If they’re frustrated with something or having a conflict with someone, they can put it on the table. Without that option, their dissatisfaction can kill their productivity fast.

 Danger #4: Losing Business

Now, if your employees aren’t feeling great about what they’re doing and where they’re working, they most likely won’t be putting a lot of effort into their roles. That trickles down to your bottom line, especially when you’re not reaching as many customers as you could be or if your customers aren’t being treated as well as they should be.

 HR professionals know how to recognize these problems and intervene before it gets to this stage. And when your employees feel great about the work they do, you’ll reap the benefits.

Not having an HR pro in your small biz can lead to several surprising dangers, including strained employee relations, a sloppy hiring process, high turnover rates and lost business. You can avoid them with the help of an HR expert. Head here so I can show you how: https://careerpathwaysconsulting.com/connect-with-me/

Barbara Mason is a HR consultant that brings over 20 years Human Resources experience and has been in senior level roles for Fortune 500 companies. She is the owner and CEO of Career Pathways Consulting and  is an expert at helping female led companies build amazing teams, scales their businesses and increase their revenue.

To learn more about working with her, visit www.careerpathwaysconsulting.com.