You should not be satisfied with the status quo in your life. You should know that you are great. You should know that you were born with a unique set of abilities and gifts that only you can do. Because of that - expect greater in your life. Life is too short to do anything different!


ADVANCE Signature Mentorship Program

This invite only mentorship program is for those that want to work with Barbara directly to change careers and need a hands-on approach to achieve a new career. If you know that you are ready to execute on a new career but not sure how to do it, click LEARN MORE.

Career Kickstart Academy

This is where you need a kickstart in the right direction to change jobs or companies. This is a 3 -month coaching program that focuses on:
1. You (Self-awareness and mindset)
2. Your Individualized Career Audit and Assessment
3. Your Visual Brand (Resume, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile)
4. Your Verbal Brand (Interviewing Skills)

25 Point Resume Audit

I take your resume through my proven 25-point audit and give you suggestions and examples on how to improve the 25 critical points of a resume. You will be able to:
• See your resume from a recruiter’s point of view
• Be confident that your RESUME is READY before you hit SEND
• Know exactly what areas should be improved on your resume
• The common mistakes to avoid on your resume and HOW to fix them

LinkedIn Audit

LinkedIn is the professional social media tool you need to be on if you are looking to change jobs, network and grow in your career! But it is important that your profile on LinkedIn stands out. I review your current LinkedIn profile and give you a written audit of how you can improve your LinkedIn profile so you can attract the jobs, people and companies you need for your career.

Interview Coaching

I offer a 90-minute virtual interview coaching session where we go through a virtual mock interview! I start with giving you the 5 Interviewing Principles and how to read a job description. Then, I ask you 6 industry-related interview questions and give you instant feedback on your answers and how you can improve. Then we repeat again with you incorporating the feedback. All is video-recorded, and you are given a copy of the recording that you can play repeatedly to understand what to do on your next interview.

Signature Career Assessments

A career assessment should be the foundation for all your future career moves. It’s important to know who you are and what you value so you can select the right career move for you and move from a place of frustration to a place of happiness. Our assessment services include a certified/tested assessment, a 2-hour coaching session with Barbara, a 32-page individualized report, along with a career action plan and resources.