Resume Service Offerings

If you are ready to revamp and transform your resume, I offer 3 resume options depending on the level of personal involvement and investment you want to make.


This is the ultimate guide if you want to know exactly HOW to create a resume that will go right into the yes pile! I walk you through step by step how to do each section of your resume and the order it is supposed to be in. There will be no guessing what to put where and how to do it. Includes 6 videos and worksheets for each lesson.


25 Point Resume Audit Service
I offer a 25-point resume audit service where I personally review your resume and audit it against my “Insider” 25 most critical resume components. I let you know what needs to improve in each of those 25 areas and give you suggestions on how to fix it. You are personally responsible for making the changes to your resume. You will also receive 3 bonus items:

Cost: $150


Resume Review and Re-Write
I will review your resume and re-write it for you and deliver you a professional written and optimized resume. This includes a 30 minute consultation to discuss your work experiences and accomplishments. You are responsible for providing a draft copy of your resume and your significant accomplishments.

Cost: $297