When it comes to handling HR in your small business, you have 2 choices: 

  1. Act as your own human resources department
  2. Outsource to a full-service HR provider

While acting as your own HR department can work for a while, it’s not a permanent solution. 

Think about it: Do you really have time to create an employee handbook, draft SOPs and onboard new hires? And can you continue providing the same level of customer service if you’re constantly interviewing candidates, writing job descriptions and updating your internal policies? 

I think we both know the answer is “no.” 

Outsourcing your HR is a huge step, but it’s a milestone that will take you from small business owner to empire builder.

Now, even though full-service HR support becomes a necessity for most successful businesses, I know it’s hard to tell whether your biz is at that point. 

Let’s take a look at 3 factors to consider while deciding whether or not you need full-service HR. 

Factor #1: You’ve hit the 7-figure mark.

If your company has crossed the 7-figure revenue threshold, it’s definitely time to bring in full-service HR support. 

Hitting 7 figures is a sign that all the hard work you’ve put into your business is paying off. You likely have repeat clients and customers, and your company is generating enough revenue to sustain itself.

However, reaching 7 figures once doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll keep raking in millions in revenue. To ensure your company’s profitability, you have to double down on your money-making activities and find ways to optimize your productivity. 

Bringing in HR support gives you the time to focus on creating products, providing services and wowing your customers with stellar customer service. While your HR staff is handling the hiring process, onboarding and all things “people,” you’re free to work in your own zone of genius or enjoy your newfound free time.

Factor #2: You’re building a team.

If you’re building a team of employees, HR support can make your hiring process and employee management easier. 

Most small businesses start out by contracting freelancers to handle tasks. For example, you may have outsourced your social media graphics to a graphic designer or you may have hired a copywriter to write your email funnel.

While it’s easy for small business owners to handle contract hires on their own, you need to bring in full-service HR when you’re building a more permanent dream team.

Your full-service HR provider can handle every step of your hiring process. HR can create job descriptions, recruit candidates, run interviews, create compensation packages for your new hires and more. 

Plus, your HR team will continue to support you after you hire your new employees. Your HR can create and update your employee handbooks, SOPs and policies. Additionally, HR can step in to handle any issues or concerns your employees face at work.

Factor #3: You’re ready to add more structure to your business.

As your business grows, your needs change. If you started out with a loose business plan and overall vision for your company, it’s time to start adding more structure to your business so you can focus on sustainable growth. 

Bringing in full-service HR support can empower you to step out of the solopreneur role and into a CEO role. In other words, your HR provider makes it easy for you to stop doing ALL the things so you can focus on doing the work that lights you up.

HR brings much-needed structure to your business so you, your employees and your company can thrive. 

Here are a few ways HR can add structure to your company: 

  • Conducting performance reviews to evaluate employees while giving them objectives to work toward
  • Creating a compensation structure to take the guesswork out of calculating how much to pay your employees
  • Determining which kinds of benefits your company should offer employees  


If you’re bringing in 7 figures of revenue, hiring staff for your business or looking to bring more structure to your company, it’s time to bring in an HR pro! Here at Career Pathways Consulting, we are your plug-in HR department so you can focus on leveling up your business while we develop your dream team. Get more info on our full-service HR support here: https://careerpathwaysconsulting.com/hr-consulting

Barbara Mason is a HR consultant that brings over 20 years Human Resources experience and has been in senior level roles for Fortune 500 companies. She is the owner and CEO of Career Pathways Consulting and  is an expert at helping female led companies build amazing teams, scales their businesses and increase their revenue.

To learn more about working with her, visit www.careerpathwaysconsulting.com.