March is Women’s History Month and all month long, I am celebrating women and the greatness we bring to this world. As women, we play a lot of different roles in our society. We are mothers, sisters, friends, daughters and colleagues. The role of a woman is multi-faceted, complicated but very necessary! With the various roles we play as women, we possess an amazing strength to get it done-I call it our superpower!

Yes, I really believe we have a superpower! Our superpower allows us to be able to do all these things (sometimes at the same time) really well and still impact the people around us – at home, in the office or wherever we go. Here are some of the various roles we have the privilege of playing and how it makes us great employees:


There’s something special about being a mother. It’s the way we form a beautiful bond and connection with our child before we even see it. We have the ability to hear and know the cry of our child at the loudest circus or birthday party. This intuition can be a key attribute in the workplace and allow you to navigate tough situations at work. Also, the ability to nurture allows us to have compassion at work and be a needed voice to think about people over processes. The way we care, protect and love as mothers brings needed qualities in our careers.


There’s something meaningful about being a daughter. It’s the way we hold our parents’ hands when they need someone to support them. The way we make our parents smile with our adventures and stories as we grow old. The way we make them proud when you when you get that first promotion or become the first at work to accomplish something. Being a daughter also helps us to respect authority in the workplace and know how to not just lead, but also be a great follower. 


Loyal friendships are precious. Women that are great friends have an intense loyalty that is not easily broken. We give our all and support in times of difficulty. We hold our friends so dear and make them feel special. This loyalty is also a great asset in the workplace because it gives you the strength to endure hard times when your company is going through change or unprecedented times.


There’s something powerful about being the boss of your own career. It’s the way you carry yourself in a manner that’s classy but not mean. The way you exude confidence in aiming high and reaching for your dreams. The way you keep yourself inspired while being an inspiration to others. The way you both excel in your professional and personal life. 

No matter what role you play as a woman, know that your true potential lies in your ability to be whoever you want to be. Embrace your own innate strength. As women, we have the ability to manifest our dreams into reality and we possess the courage to stand back up after our hardest failures. 

Be proud to be a woman. The world needs you. Your job needs you. 

Barbara Mason is a career consultant that brings over 20 years Human Resources experience and has been in senior level roles for Fortune 500 companies. She is the owner and CEO of Career Pathways Consulting and her passion is helping career professionals stay, flow, or go in their career.

To learn more about working with her, visit www.careerpathwaysconsulting.com.

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