The end of the year often brings a lot of reflection about what has happened that year and you find yourself analyzing what went well and what didn’t. You begin to think about what things you do not want to take into the new year. You are thinking one of them is your job!

But , looking for a new job can be both challenging and daunting.  It’s a hard decision to make and one that is often delayed.  

Do you wonder if it is time to leave your current job?  You’re not quite sure but you think this may be the time to move on. Here are three reasons to help you identify if it’s truly time to just move on.

Reason #1 – Lack of Motivation
You would rather clean all the bathrooms in your house, without gloves, than to go to work.  Your motivation is gone!  Even if the job is a good one, if you are no longer motivated to do it, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice by staying.  If you hate what you do, your personal life suffers, as well as your relationships  and your family.
Is it really worth it?  
If every day you have to be someone else to survive – it’s time to look for a new job.  

Reason #2 – Lack of Professional Development
When you survey the past few years in your career, your personal development is non-existent. You haven’t had any recent professional development or training opportunities.  Your skills feel stale and outdated.  You have talked to your manager about wanting to learn and do more and it is met with excuses that you cannot comprehend. Using this simple equation may help you make a tough decision:  No Grow = Time to Go!  

Reason #3 – Lack of Productivity
Many times when you are unsatisfied in your work, your work performance and patterns begin to change. Instead of being the A+ player, you are satisfied with doing just enough to keep them from paying you much attention. You stop coming in early and staying late. You leave your work cell in the car instead of in your line of sight everywhere you go. You only do just enough. This lack or drop in productivity can be a clear sign you should start looking before your productivity declines to a point of no return.

Are you batting a 1, 2 or 3 on these indicators that it may be time to start looking. If your answer is yes, that is ok but it is now time to plan your exit and do it the right way. Do not quit your job just because you feel it is time to move on. Have a plan that is strategic and beneficial. 

If you need help with career transition or job search strategies, send me a note.

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