Sigh…to think about this automatically can cause the energy in your body to deplete I know. It is a loaded question that cannot be answered lightly. Many times, you may wonder if you are doing the right thing and if you are in the right career. It can definitely feel that way at times as you evaluate your happiness or satisfaction when it comes to your work. 
We work a lot. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year for 40 years. Do the math. That is a lot of time to be unhappy in what we do. So, even though this question can feel heavy and deflating-it must be asked and answered. Here are some things to think about to help you answer this question:
1.Do I get to use my strengths at work?
Using your strengths at work is a key component of you being fulfilled in your job. When the majority of your work is not calling into motion your key strengths-you are by default having to work harder and use skills that do not come easy for you.
2.Am I able to be my natural self with my natural personality?
Ask yourself if you have to be “someone else” just to cope and make it at work? Are you in a role that does not align with your personality? Maybe you are a driver and have natural leader ability, but you are in a role that does not give you a chance to share any opinions because your work is prescribed for you. Or maybe you are an extreme introvert and prefer to work behind the scenes, but you have been moved to a role that is mostly external communications and talking to large groups. I remember times in my career that I would have to literally give myself a “pep talk” and change into my work persona because I knew the real me could not show up at work. Sound familiar?
3.Does my job align with my values and the things that are important to me?
Our values serve as an internal compass on the things that are really important to us. All of our values and their rank for us varies so it is critical that we know what our values are and stay true to them. When you work for companies that do not value the things you value, it becomes a problem and starts to interfere with your content and fulfillment in your career.
4.Do I enjoy the work?
Simple and almost elementary question but you would be surprised how many people hate what they get paid to do. They simply do not enjoy the work they do all day, every day. They live more for vacation more than Fridays. If you do not even like what you do-this is a major contributor to you feeling like your career just doesn’t fit.
Take inventory today if you feel unrest in your career and unfulfilled. How did you fare in each of these areas? Think of these 4 items as breadcrumbs that lead you to the path of being in the right career that is just right FOR YOU. Let me help you! Let’s chat about where you are trying to go and get you started!

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