Networking for some is the dreaded “N” word” in their career. They want the promotion, the exposure and the career success but get hid behind their fear of networking and how to do it. I want to assure you that networking doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to happen. You are missing out on so many opportunities and gems when you choose not to network or make time for it. So, here are 3 quick ways to get started TODAY without hesitation:

1.    Focus on who you already know. Start “at home” first. So, instead of trying to debate whether you will really show up for the next Business and Brews or Lunch and Learn at an organization you want to join, I want you to think of 3 people you have worked with in the past and have not connected with in the last 6 months. Send them an email and ask to meet for coffee or a virtual chat. Start small with networking and keep it close before you venture out if you are just not comfortable.

2.    Use LinkedIn or social media platforms to start the conversation. Using social media can be a good tool to “talk” and connect with people without being face to face or having to meet during the traditional workday hours. You can send a note to say hello or send an article you think they would enjoy. This little simple tip will strengthen the connection and keep you top of mind.

3.    Set aside time for it! Dedicate an hour a month to intentionally network. You could attend a networking event, strike up a conversation with a new person you meet or have virtual coffee with your old boss that you loved. It doesn’t matter the activity…choose what is most comfortable for you and reach out! 

If you are not a natural networker, it takes intention. Commit to being intentional in your career by being intentional about networking. Having genuine, authentic relationships in your career is a form of career currency that will be a critical factor in your career success.

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