Your career doesn’t manage itself! Your career should always be evolving and dynamic. That means you have to take an active part in your career to keep it on track and make sure it does not go off track. Yes-it takes a dual effort at all times. Being still in your career may result in your career being derailed and here are 5 things that can be problematic for your career:

1. Undervaluing your worth. Few companies will give you more than you demand. You must find the balance of being assertive but not a nuisance. You should look for opportunities to share your strengths and career goals in the appropriate setting. If you’re content to stay in the same place and make the same salary, companies are happy to accommodate you. Make sure that when asked, you are able to share your successes and goals to continue to grow.

2.  Failure to have a great relationship with your boss. I know in some situations-this is easier said than done, but at the end of the day, remember you are there to serve your boss and the company. The strength of that relationship can carry a lot of weight for you. Strive to do your part to support your boss in these 3 areas: 1) doing your job really well, 2) looking for ways to keep them abreast of your work and 3) finding ways to lighten their load.

3.  Being overly negative. There’s no place at work for anyone that complains or criticizes all the time. You may think you are just sharing your opinion, but in reality, you may be digging a grave for you and your career. Sometimes, you can reframe your unpopular thoughts and avoid sounding negative by simply asking a question instead of stating what you feel. Focus on being more positive and watch that people will respond to you differently.

4.  Not being intentional about your work brand. This is so important that you monitor carefully what your brand is in your career. Think of it as your reputation. Think about how your boss or co-workers would describe you. What are you known for? What do peoples say when you are not in the room? That is your brand and you have to be intentional each day how you “show up” and set your brand.

A career is built over a 40- year period but can be ruined very quickly. Avoid making the mistakes that can derail your career. Be intentional about managing your career.

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