Did you know that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy in our career? It’s true. The worst enemy you can have in your career is complacency and you alone own this.  The moment you put your head down and keep it down- you stop actively learning and growing. That is when your professional career goes on a long pause. 
One key thing to remember is that learning, and evolving is a process in your career that should never end. Many people start their career with lots of energy and are a sponge to soak up everything they can get. But, then as the years pass by, they settle in and do not attach the same priority to their own professional growth.
Here are 3 things that happen when you become complacent in your career:

  • You stop the mechanism for feedback and self-awareness. After you been in a job or career for a while, it is easy to go on autopilot because you can do the job in your sleep. This can cause you to not ask for feedback and/or leaves no room for feedback to improve. 


  • Your upward mobility can be stifled.Today’s job market is full of highly qualified workers that are doing things faster and more efficient.  If you fail to stay fresh and updated because you are complacent, you will not be aware of the latest trends in your industry and business. This can cause you to be at a disadvantage when it is time to get promoted, get the new project, etc.


  • You limit your marketability. If you refuse to learn and evolve, you will no longer be in demand. Being able to do more than one thing is currency in your career. Take advantage of cross-training opportunities and ways to increase your knowledge and your experiences at work.

In order to succeed in your career and achieve more, you must keep moving and keep pushing yourself. Your career is never without ways to learn and do more. You must seek out the opportunities and put yourself in a position to get them.

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