Working for 40 hours a week for 40 years can get real unsatisfying and unchallenging if you are not intentional about your career growth. Many people start off strong in their career because it is new and exciting and they have lots of momentum. Somewhere along the way if you are not intentional about growing in your career, you will soon feel stuck in your career and feel like you are not growing! And that feeling in your career is not a good feeling. If you’re struggling with career growth, it’s important to know why it isn’t going anywhere. Here are 4 reasons why your career may not be growing:

  1. Your Professional Network is Not Robust (or even in place). In today’s professional world, ‘knowing people’ is just as important if not more important than your fancy resume or cover letter. Have you ever been up for a position against someone with the exact same qualifications, but you lost the position because they knew the recruiter’s cousin’s sorority sister? We have all been there -wondering what just happened because someone got the job based on who they knew!  Networking is essential for career growth -it is not optional. Get out there and find ways to network within your industry.
  2. Lack of Support From Your Leadership. Have you ever heard the saying “People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.”? It’s true! Having a horrible boss can really put a damper on your work experience. Having a boss or leadership that doesn’t support your growth can be downright detrimental in your career. Make sure that you have honest and open conversations with your leader about your desire to grow in your career and get their thoughts on how that is possible in your role. 
  3. You Don’t Have Professional Mentors. Navigating through a complicated career landscape by yourself can be daunting and downright impossible. You need professional mentors that are “safe” partners for you to talk to and discuss important items in your career. Good mentors can provide you with feedback and direction. 
  4. You Are Watching Your Career From the Sidelines.  This is a main reason how many people stay stagnant in their career-they are not actively involved but waiting to see what is going to happen. You have to be an active participant in your own career. That means you should have a career plan, know where you want to go and have a consistent plan of execution.

I would encourage you to take inventory on which of these 4 areas may be an obstacle for you in your current career and causing you to be stuck. If you can identify why your career isn’t growing, you’re that much closer to figuring out how to start seeing the growth you want! If you need help, let’s talk!

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