A huge part of enjoying our jobs is the relationship we have with our immediate boss. If I can be honest, it absolutely can make or break you and it largely dictates how you feel about your job. Haven’t you heard that people do not leave jobs, but they leave bosses? Think about the last time you had a boss that you just had a hard time with? Didn’t see eye to eye and couldn’t quite figure out how to please him/her. Sound familiar? Here are 3 tips to help you manage your boss to have a better relationship:

1.    Know and use their communication style! This is so important and a primary way to keep you and the boss on the same page. One of the biggest pet peeves for any leader is the wrong type of communication. If your boss prefers face to face communication, do not always send text messages or emails to communicate progress on items even though you may be a leader that prefers email. You must use the communication style your boss prefers, not what you prefer.
2.    Be a problem solver! All leaders want employees that can think and figure out things on their own. Do not be known as an employee that brings problems to your boss and sit back and wait for them to fix it for you. Hone the skill of going to your boss with a problem and 2-3 solutions to offer up. This creates trust for your boss and helps them see you as a partner and supporter and not an employee they have to constantly worry about.

3.    Figure out their strengths! Take time to see what they are really good at and use that to help them operate in the areas where they excel. Then you can offer to support them in your areas of strength where they may not excel. This is a perfect collaboration and will help each of you operate in your lane and achieve the best for the business.

Hopefully you are catching the theme that in order to manage your boss, you have to understand that it is about them and not you. To have a successful relationship with your boss that creates favorable situations for you, invest in understanding your boss and being a supportive employee. It will pay dividends for you!

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