It’s a brand-new year and we have made it to a day we have never seen and a year we have not yet experienced! 2019 will for sure bring its challenges and its successes. The goal is to have consistent success so that we arrive at the place we want to be on December 31, 2019.  One key way to do this is to have intentional execution vs. activity.
Every year, I choose a word that serves as my guide for the year and this year I chose the word “INTENTIONAL”.  I truly believe there is power in intention. Many people in their careers however may engage in a lot of activity without purposeful intention. As a result, they end up frustrated when they do not have the results, they thought they would have. The main reason they do not achieve their goals is because their activity is not with intention or purpose. It is just activity.
For example, you have updated your resume and yes, you have added 50 new people to your network. However, you did not have a specific goal or intention so the power of the updated resume or increased network does not have the same magnetizing ability it could have because it is unclear. Activity alone is not enough to reach your goals. You must set a goal for where you are headed and then every activity or action that follows has to be intentional about hitting that goal. Without the intention, you will end up in a place that was not where you thought you would be.
Here are some ways to make sure you have intentional execution in 2019:

  1. First, set realistic and specific goals of what you to want to achieve and by when.
  2. Enlist the help of an accountability partner or coach to help you stay true and focused to your goals.
  3. Write monthly action plans that correspond with your goals. With each action that you write down, ask yourself: Is this tied directly to helping me advance in one of my goals?

2019 is the year of intentional execution. Without it, we will not have the career and life we want or deserve! If I can help you be intentional in 2019 and navigate to the career and life you want-let’s talk!
Until next time, 
Expect Greater!

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