Dead-ends can feel frustrating and hopeless! And when you are spending 30% of your time each day on your job feeling that way…even more frustrating! We all want to feel like we are making a difference at work and that we are growing. Do you you feel like you are just collecting a paycheck?  You are working a job that is so routine and non-challenging. You can see your skills and talents collecting dust and rust! If you do, you’re not alone! Over 60% people go to a job every day they hate or feel stuck in! Here are three signs you may be in a dead-end job and just getting a paycheck:
​1. You have been in the same position and same company for a long forever! You have seen people come and you have seen people go. You are the resident employee. Same schedule, same cube and same parking spot. Does that sound like you? Many employees become complacent in their jobs for various reasons and before you know it, months have gone by and then the next thing you know is that you are getting a 20 year service award. Evaluate how long you have been doing the same thing and have there been any opportunities to grow, advance or develop.

2. You have been working at the same pay level for a number of years. Most companies do offer annual merit increases or cost of living adjustments which roughly equate somewhere between 2-4 %. Yes, we should be grateful for this, but I am talking about has your pay significantly changed beyond that? Or are you just keeping up with a 2-4% adjustment each year and even that is not realized because your benefits costs go up 5%! Your pay should increase over the span of your career and most times you have to change jobs to make this happen. Switching jobs is still the best way to maximize your earning potential.

3. Your manager cannot tell you anything about possible career growth for you. Your manager is your number 1 advocate for you in your career. If they cannot tell or show you a clear path for you to grow within the company, that is a clear sign you have hit a dead-end. Do they avoid the subject, or do they just not offer any solutions? Either way, make sure you have an open and honest conversation with your direct manager about your career goals and listen to what they say or even what they don’t’ say.

These signs are just a few of the indicators that you may be working a dead-end job. At the end of the day, you will remain in the same spot unless you make a conscious and intentional choice to steer your career and life in a different direction. Next month, I am going to share some solutions if you are in a dead-end, no win career situation! 

If you can’t wait, get on my calendar today and let’s talk about we can help make a career shift out of the dead-end zone.

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