Many times, we can realize a situation is bad and know that we need to change but feel powerless or helpless to do anything. Our careers are no different!  In fact, over 50% of people go to work every day in a job they do not like. They absolutely know it is the wrong fit but they stay stuck for days, months and even years. In my 20-year history of working with people and talking to my clients, I realize that people stay stuck in the wrong career because of 3 main reasons:
1.    Fear of the unknown
2.    Fear of their ability to do something different
3.    No clear plan or path forward on how to change

Fear of the unknown

Many of you know your current career situation is miserable and unsatisfying. But, you know your job, your company, your boss and all the other things that go along with it. The unknown seems scarier than the known even if the known is bad. Where would you work? What would you do? What if it does not turn our right? These are all legitimate questions but your ignorance to the answers is screaming louder than your desire to change it. The fear of not knowing what is around the corner will keep you stuck.

Fear of your ability 
Fear is so strong and can keep us in a place of doubt, even about our own abilities. We can sit in a job and know that we don’t like what we are doing but yet be fearful that we can really do anything else. A lot of that comes with not being self-aware of what your greatest skills and talents are.

No Clear Plan or Path Forward on How to Change It
There are still others that have gotten past their fear of the unknown and the fear of their own abilities. Yet they stay stuck because they simply do not know how to move forward or get to where they want to be. They need a roadmap and direction on what to do, how to do and when to do.

Do these reasons relate to you? No matter which reason it is-the outcome is still the same. STUCK is stuck. The goal is to get unstuck. For each of these reasons above, there IS a solution. That solution is easily found with the help of a trained and professional career consultant.  Reach out today and let me help you get unstuck!

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