There are two things that stand between most people and the job they want and that is a quality resume and a quality interview. Those two bridges have to be crossed for most new jobs, promotions, and changes in your career. Sure, there are some instances where you get jobs based on who you know and your network. In those instances, you can get by without it riding on your resume and interview. But the majority of us do not have that luxury!

Check out my previous blog on resumes. The PREVIOUS BLOG But, today I want to talk about interviews. Interviews are designed as the last step to land the job!  I want to give you two important tools when it comes to interviews. It boils down to an ability of two things: the ability to COMMUNICATE and the ability to CONNECT.

Communication is key to having a successful interview . One area I see most people struggle in communication is rambling or being too long-winded. Rambling or not being concise in your answers is the quickest way to lose your audience and for them to mentally check out on all the good content you could be sharing. A good goal for each answer is to keep your answers to 2-3 minutes. They will ask for more detail if they need it but that is a good and safe rule of thumb. In behavioral interviews, that is plenty of time for you to give the appropriate amount of detail to answer the question.

Connection is another essential piece to an interview especially when you have two strong candidates that both have great experience and both interview well. Connection is the separator! We are all humans and want to be around people we feel connected to and people we can envision working with.  One of the litmus tests I learned early on in my career when I was the interviewer is to ask yourself if you could be in a car with them for 3 hours on a work trip? That is a sign of connection if the answer is yes!  At the end of the day, interview decisions are made on who they think you are.  If you did not show enough of yourself so that they can connect and feel like they know you-you have taken away your separator.

These two C’s -Communication and Connection are your two separators on the next interview.  It may sound simple, but it is often overlooked. Invest in doing some mock interviews with a career professional and practice these 2 C’s. May you land the job you want! 

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