In a world of real bills, mortgage payments, car notes and the like..yes I know that making an income is essential to life. But my question is really about your thoughts of how you view your current job. There is a difference in attitude if you love your job and you feel privileged to go do the work that you know is your purpose vs. you have to go to work to pay your bills.  I want to share with you 3 signs you are in the “I have to go” category or in other words, you are not feeling your job!
Three Signs You are Not Feeling Your Job:

You dread going to work each day-every day is Monday!
We all at some point I think have the Sunday Blues..that time on Sunday around 5 pm and you realize the weekend is nearing and your mind shifts that yes, you really have to go to work the next day. But, I am talking about those who you have the blues every night. You dread going to work each and every day. You hit the snooze button multiple times and you live for those 3-day holiday weekends. Is that YOU?

The hours you devote to work change
That’s right! You used to save your vacation up because you were so busy at work and your job and work was number one priority. You even worked on vacation! You used to go in early and stay late. You went to the social functions and after hours events.  Your approach has changed! You have a 9 to 5 mentality and just want to get your hours and that is it. Is that YOU?
You daydream about doing something else 
You think of everything else you could possibly be doing and surround yourself with “what if” statements. What if I won the lottery? What if I went back to school? What if I lived in another state? What if my kids were grown?
You know that what you are doing is not “it” and that it does not make you happy. You may not know what the next thing is, but you clearly feel and know that what you are doing is not “it.” Is that YOU?
These are some of the signs that you are not feeling your job anymore! My goal is to support professionals all around the world from shifting from I have to go to work to I get to go to work. I want you to love what you do. I want you to be in a career that aligns with who you are and what you value. If you want support on how to do this,

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