A new year usually brings new resolutions and new commitments. 
​Is there anything magical about January 1? I would venture to say no, but I do recognize that because it is a new year, people including myself see the start of a new year as a good opportunity to take inventory in several areas of their life and to set new goals. Often these goals center on being healthy and weight loss to name a few. ​

Today, I want to challenge each of you to take inventory of your career and set some new career goals for yourself in 2018. 

Start with these questions:
1. Do you like your job or career you are in?
2. Did you choose your career intentionally based on relevant criteria about you?
3. Are you willing to explore a change if your answers to 1 or 2 are NO?

If you answered NO to question #1, you are in good company because 3 out of 5 people go to a job every day they do not like. Isn’t that sad and amazing at the same time? Think about this number – 83,200! That is how much we work on average in a lifetime – 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week for 40 years! Spending 83,000 hours on anything you do not like is not healthy or enjoyable. But yet, 60% of the average working population does this daily. 

If you answered NO to question #2, you again are in good company because most people do not participate in intentional career planning nor do they have a reliable set of criteria to make a career choice. I call these “faulty” foundations and I will explore these in next month’s blog. Most people choose their career based on money or an external influence (parent, family member, friend). We certainly need money to live, but choosing a career solely on money lead many to have the income they may desire but they hate to go to work each day. Others take advice from outside influence but never question whether that career fit is a fit for them and not just their parent or friend.

Being intentional about your career choice is critical and the relevant criteria that should be used are a personal inventory of your personality, interests, skills, and values.

 This is how you ensure the right career fit for YOU. All of these relevant criteria are found in the Career Direct Assessment.
So… if you answered NO to either question 1 or 2 – the good news is that you can begin again. It is the perfect time to set a career goal for 2018. Beginning again does not necessarily mean starting over as if you are 22 again, but it does mean that you should begin in your mind first by being honest that you are not being fulfilled in your career. The next step is to begin to explore why you are not fulfilled and embark on a journey to discover what would fulfill you. 

This is why I am encouraging you to add career goals
to your list of New Year resolutions!

Your career is just as important as your waistline and health. Take some time to evaluate and explore career options so that you do not end 2018 as you did in 2017.

If you answered YES to either or both of these questions – a congratulation is in order because you are truly in the minority! I would encourage you to also set some career goals for yourself this year. Think about learning a new skill, moving into leadership or leading a project. Whatever it is, I encourage you to be intentional about it, write it down and begin to execute. 

We all have 365 days in 2018 and 24 hours each day. 
Start now taking an inventory of your career and set goals on what you want to accomplish in 2018. Write it down, share it with someone, invest in what you need to accomplish it, and watch your goals become a reality. I am rooting for you, as always, and here to help every step of the way!

I am your Career Strategist
and I am here to help you succeed!

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