After sending your resume…….
​Are you still waiting?

Imagine being an expert in your field with several years experience and credentials to match the top in the profession but somehow you are struggling to find the job you want. Or imagine being a recent college graduate with a degree from a distinct university but yet no one is calling you for an interview for your first job. Both situations can be wrought with frustration and disappointment. If you are familiar with these scenarios, I would invite you to look at your resume.

Why? Because your resume matters!
Your resume is your brand and your resume‘s  job is to get you the interview.

Maybe you are thinking that your resume is a complete picture of ALL the things you have done and shows just how capable you really are. You have included every job and task –so of course, that is a clear indicator that you have done the job you are applying for ten times over. But, I ask you to pause and ask yourself these three questions about your resume:
1. Is it pleasing to the eye?
2. Does it show what you have done with results?
3. Does it tell how well you have done it?

Pleasing to the Eye?
Yes – how your resume looks matters!

I often say that you should not make the recruiter work hard to decipher what is on your resume. So, it is important that you spend some time on your resume format. Here are three quick tips on your resume format that you should make sure is in place:
  • Use standard size font and type
  • Use bullets to describe your work history and not paragraphs
  • Use reverse chronological order to display your work experience

​These 3 quick tips will help ensure
​your resume is pleasing to the eye. ​

Standard Font and Type: 
There are some people that view their resume as an opportunity to show off 
their artistic skills and creativity with fonts and sizes. This is a mistake! 
Resumes are your brand and it is still a very traditional source of showing 
what you have done. For this reason, use standard font and size.

Use of Bullets:
Next, the use of bullets is key on a resume instead of paragraphs and sentences. Bullets capture the essence of what you have done and should be bite-size enough to capture your results and easy for the recruiter to scan and see the highlights. When you use paragraphs, it is more work for the recruiter and it is on a fast track to the “no” pile.

Using reverse chronological order:
This is simply starting with the job you are in or your most current job and then working yourself backwards and ending with the least current job.

​Does Your Resume Show What You Have Done?

You are probably saying yes of course it shows what I have done because it is my resume. But, I am specifically talking about your resume showing RESULTS vs. showing the TASKS you completed. There is a HUGE difference. Most people have bullets about the tasks they have done, but yet leave off the most powerful part of your tasks-and that is your results! Hiring managers want to know what have you done, i.e. what results did you get.

Does your Resume tell how well you have done it?
Yes! This is important too. It is not good enough to share what you have done, but also it is important to share how well you have done it. You do this by adding metrics, numbers, and percentages. When you incorporate these simple additions, it shows the hiring manager the scope of what you have done. For example, imagine you were the project manager for a successful United Way campaign….which statement below is more powerful?
A) “Managed project for the United Way Campaign
B) “Raised $500,000 in 4 months leading a team of volunteers for United Way”

The answer is B. That option gives you a result (“raised $500K) and it tells how well you did it (“in 4 months”). The hiring manager knows what result you got and the time-frame you did it in. This will give him/her the sense of your ability and work. 

As a summary, your resume’s job
is to get you the interview.

And to get the interview-you must have a resume that gets the hiring manager’s attention. Amongst a stack of hundreds of resumes-your resume must have these three elements mentioned above to get noticed.

Take an inventory of your resume and ensure you have mastered these elements and watch your phone ring!

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I am happy to help your phone ring!

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